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Happy New Year!

A little delayed but, I wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for making our wedding so special. It's been whirlwind couple of months for Becca and I with the wedding followed by a four week honeymoon followed by Christmas/New Year's, but what and amazing couple of months.

The day was truly perfect - the only thing that i would change is that i would make it last longer. We were so happy with everything - the wait staff were so friendly and helpful, the food (although I have to confess I didn't eat much with my speech fast approaching), the band. And the kiosk itself looked so incredible with all of the flowes.

So many people have said to us that it was the best wedding that they have been to, and you were such a big part of making it all happen.

we are expecting to get the high res photos back from the photographers shortly so I'll share a few if ther are some good ones :)

Thanks again

Jonathan and Rebecca, Beautiful Wedding Last Year

Peter and I would like to thank each person at Nielsen Park who was involved in the 'making of' our wedding :), especially you and Wendy. The two of you worked through so many things with me from the start right to the very last moment, and you really did contribute to the great success of the night. You both also provided me with confidence and comfort that everything would be taken care of at the level I expected it to be. And it truly was.

All of our guests had an absolute ball, and even Ayse and photographers said they felt part of the party! The staff on the night were gorgeous - professional and also really personable. And the weather held out for us in the end.......

So again, thank you so much for being part of a wonderful night. I will be sure to recommend the venue to everyone. And how amazingly did Mischa decorate the place?! Just perfect :)

I will come over to say hi next time I'm at the beach there.

Bye for now.

Monica xo and Peter, Wedding Event